Thursday, February 11, 2016

Tennis Racquets For Kids is Winding Down

Tennis Racquets for Kids Inc. will be closing its doors this Spring. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to helping less fortunate children experience the game of tennis by providing them with tennis racquets. We will fulfill our promises to various groups, but we will no longer accept requests for donations. This has been an unbelievable eight year journey. Tennis Racquets for Kids Inc., was co-founded by Zachary H. Mintz, and Paige J. Mintz, out of their love for the game of tennis and their desire to help all children have an opportunity to experience the game of tennis. Their vision, leadership and effort were indispensable. They have been active with the organization throughout its tenure. Over the last few years, Rachel Mintz has served in various leadership roles. We have brought smiles and happiness to over a thousand children. Less fortunate children were given an opportunity to experience the game of tennis. Our success was made possible by the hundreds of benevolent adults and children from across the United States who donated their used tennis racquets to our organization. We are especially grateful to the individual children who collected some new, as well as used tennis racquets, as part of school or church drives, or as part of their Bar/Bat Mitzvah projects. We are also grateful to the individual children who donated their own racquets. The cost of running the organization became too great. This included the cost and time in re-stringing and regripping the racquets and shipping them around the country. We were never able to find a corporate sponsor and depended on individuals who donated their time. This was an organization for children who would not have had an opportunity to experience the game of tennis. Tennis Racquets for Kids was enthusiastically embraced by children and adults from across the United States, to bring happiness to others! For that we are grateful, and our mission was accomplished. We will never forget the hugs and the smiles. We thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you for the pictures and notes sent to us from families, schools and organizations who received tennis racquets. We would suggest that anyone with racquets to donate contact nearby schools, charter schools, local day camps, summer park programs or their local USTA chapter. There are thousands of children in this country who would love to have an opportunity to experience the game of tennis. Please do not forget them and carry on the spirit of giving. We thank all of you for donating For The Love of the Game!!! Tennis Racquets For Kids Inc.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tennis Racquets for Kids Recieves Citation

Tennis Racquets for Kids Inc., has received a 2014 citation from Nassau County Executive, Edward P. Mangano. Co-Founder Zachary Mintz, Co-Founder Paige Mintz, and Vice President Rachel Mintz each received their own citation which stated: "You have worked diligently on behalf of causes and ideals which uphold the principles of human decency, and through the years, you have demononstrated a selfless commitment to the County of Nassau and its residents that warrants attention and gratitude." Over 100 tennis racquets and 6 cases of new balls were donated to the Nassau County Parks and Recreation Department to support the summer camp program. Vice President, Rachel Mintz, created a new division of the charity to suppport the scholarship campers. These children received new tennis racquets so they could learn the game of tennis. Co-President Paige Mintz, "we are also happy to continue to provide tennis racqets and support the Alliance Junior Tennis Development Program, a non-profit organization in Roosevelt, New York." Ms. Emily Moore is the founder and executive director of the program which gives children ages 4-18 an opportunity to experience tennis. These are children without racquets or lessons who want to participate in a camp and learn tennis and develop community pride. When Ms. Moore and her campers received the racquets, she told us: "Tennis Racquets for Kids, never forgets us and gives these children a chance to learn the game." When asked what was special about the donation program, Rachel answered," the smiles,the hugs and the surprise when the kids were told that they could keep the racquets. It was a heart warming experience and a special day. Co- Founders of Tennis Racquets for Kids, Zachary and Paige Mintz, continue to try to find support for the non-profit organization. Co-President Zachary Mintz is always optimistic and stated,"we have not given up on industry and hope that one day Babolat, Wilson, Head, Yonex, Prince, Penn or Nike, and others will contribute to the charity." Until that day, Tennis Racquets for Kids Inc., has been successful due to individuals who will donate for the Love of the Game.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Exciting Winter Leads to Productive Spring

Tennis Racquets for Kids Inc., had an exceptional winter. Racquets were received from a variety of states including Maine, Texas, New York, New Jersey and Florida. Many were collected as Mitzvah projects or community service, but the majority of racquets were donated by individuals wanting to help. We try to restring the racquets and re-grip them to make them like new. However, given budgetary restraints and the loss of our stringer who donated his time, this became more challenging. We are happy to say that racquet donations were made to the Bosse School district, Indiana, Fast Break Sports inner city tennis program, Los Angeles, Sierra Linda High School, Arizona, Valwood School, Georgia, After School Programs in Detroit Michigan, and individual families. Our goal is to give less fortunate children a chance to experience the game of tennis. We are grateful to all of the individuals who chose to send or drop off their used racquets to make a child's day. We are encouraged by the leadership qualities and dedication to community service of the children that collected racquets via school or church drives, or mitzvah projects. They understand what it means to pay it forward. We ask everyone to donate For the Love of the Game!!

Monday, February 3, 2014

2013 Year in Review: Tennis Racquets for Kids

Tennis is a great activity for families and individuals. It is a great way to bring people of all skill levels together. You need a net,balls and a tennis racquet. Sounds simple, but it's not. Tennis racquets are expensive, and indoor court rates are prohibitive. It would be great if the weather was perfect throughout the year for all of us. Unfortunately, this doesn't happen and we can't always take advantage of the opportunity to use outdoor public courts. Some of us learned to play on park courts with metal nets. There was no topspin or slicing strategy, the ball changed direction based on the cracks in the asphalt. Yet we continued to love the game. Tennis Racquets for Kids Inc., is dedicated to providing all children with the opportunity to experience the game we love. Our success would not be possible without the help of individuals across the country who share this love. We receive racquets from people, especially children, from all parts of the United States. Sometimes it's a single racquet or a few racquets; sometimes a note is included saying how much joy the racquets brought their owners and how meaningful it is to them to continue channeling the racquets into the hands of other children. All tennis racquet donations are greatly appreciated. We are living in challenging economic times and what may be a weathered racquet to someone, is an opportunity for a child to start a tennis experience. We are a non-profit organization that is also challenged by the same economic times, and have lost our stringers who donated their time and materials to rejunvenate the donated racquets. Used Babolat, Wilson, Head, Prince, and Yonex,racquets represent a way to experience the game of tennis. Tennis Racquets for Kids is supported by regular people who play and enjoy the game and want to give others that same opportunity. Our sole focus is helping those less fortunate children experience the game of tennis. Throughout 2013, we have had many children stand up and want to make a difference by collecting tennis racquets as part of their Bar or Bat Mitzvah,church, or school projects to help others. S.R.collected over 50 racquets as a part of his Bar Mitzvah and C.W. collected approximately 275 racquets as part of her Bat Mitzvah project. J.F.,an avid junior tennis player, hosted a drive in New York City and drove a carload of tennis racquets out to our office in Long Island.These are a few examples of the generosity we have experienced. We survive with the help of the individual who will donate a single racquet to us. We received a financial donation from a high school tennis team in St. Louis which went to help defer our costs of re-gripping,re-stringing, and postage. This year we supported various schools that wanted to start tennis programs but the children could not afford to buy racquets. We supported after school programs including those dedicated to fighting childhood by promoting tennis as a weight- loss activity. Other programs supported were located in California, Michigan, Arizona, and New York. Various individual families also received racquets. Our goal remains helping less fortunate children experience the game of tennis. We look forward to the New Year and ask for your continued support to donate for the love of the game!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Gambia Tennis Association Flourishes with Help from Tennis Racquets for Kids

In 2011, Tennis Racquets for Kids helped support a tennis youth program in Gambia. Mr.Ofosuhene, a coordinator of the program has once again asked for our assistance. "Tennis Racquets for Kids was a tremendous help in getting the children the tennis racquets needed to facilitate the program. Through the generous donation of tennis racquets the program has expanded tremendously." Mr. Ofosuhene travels between Gambia and the United States and personally picked up the racquets and transported them to Gambia. We are very happy to continue to support this organization that has been able to introduce tennis,and sportsmanship to children who would not have had a chance to experience the game of tennis. We are impressed with the enthusiasm of the children and the dedication by the Gambia Tennis Association to support the children.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Children's Sport Connection Event - Nassau County

TRFK, Inc. donated fifty tennis racquets at a Children’s Sport Connection event held in Nassau County, NY. The event was spearheaded by Edward Mangano, the Nassau County Executive. The purpose of the event was to collect gently used sports equipment for a month-long period to benefit Adults and Children with Learning & Developmental Disabilities, Inc. This organization has more than twenty group homes in Nassau County as well as a youth program for those with developmental and learning disabilities. Additionally, the month-long drive will also benefit programs throughout the county.   

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Tennis Racquets for Kids Gearing up For 2013

   Tennis Racquets for Kids  had an exciting year in 2012. We continued our mission of introducing the game of tennis to children who would not otherwise have that opportunity. Various schools, camps and religious organizations throughout the United States received help. Individual families were also assisted. Our hard work was recognized by the Eastern Section of the USTA who awarded us the Rose Buck Scalamandre Award for our charitable efforts.
   We were able to support the Nassau County Parks and Recreation summer day camp programs. Children who were not familiar with tennis had an opportunity to receive their own racquet and some instruction. The laughter and smiles were priceless. We also continued our work with the USTA Quick Start Tennis Day in Nassau County
    We still face many challenges. Our donations are through the good nature of individuals and families, and especially children who want to help other children. We have received racquets from school collection drives, Mitzvah Projects, church collections, as well as individual racquet donation. The kids are excited to receive their own racquet and start to experience the game of tennis. .We hope to one day find a sponsor or help from industry to make our path easier. Until that time, we Greatly Appreciate the help from people across the United States who donate for the Love of the Game,and allow us to continue our mission. Looking forward to a successful 2013. If you have any question regarding donations, please click on this link.